Recon process


Re-use packaging



Reconditioning packaging (“recon”) means:
bringing back packaging to an almost new condition, by cleaning and subsequent process-steps, so it can be re-used for a similar application.
By re-use the maximum value of the packaging is maintained. And that is more sustainable and cost-efficiënt than producing new packaging over and over again.

Thanks to our unique focus on steel drums, our continuous improvements and investments in the latest techniques and technology, we have two of the most complete and high-performance reconditoning lines in the world: the washing line and the thermal treatment line. Combined with the skills and experience of our people and accurate process monitoring, this enables us to produce quality drums at competitive prices.

DRUMDRUM is one of the only companies in the world that combines both reconditioning processes in one location. This enables us to recondition all drums that are suitable for re-use, regardless of their content, in the most optimal way to maintain the highest possible value. Moreover, this makes us energy efficient by re-using energy from one process in the other.