DRUMDRUM offers the widest range of recon steel drums on the market, to help you pack your product optimally in a sustainable way.

We offer a large variety of closed top (bung) and open top (lid) drums, both in UN-certified and non-UN versions.

We also have neck-in versions available for all types of open top drums.

Thanks to our high-performance surface preparation and state-of-the-art paint curing ovens, we are able to offer the same types of inner linings as in new drums.

The open top drums can be offered with inserted PE inliners in both UN-certified and non-UN versions.

Open top drums can also be cut to size to a lower height. This means that open head drums with a minimum open height of 50 cm can be produced.

Closed top drums are available in both plain and internally lacquered versions.

All drums are made-to-order and sprayed in the customer's colours.

Our reconditioned drums are used successfully and sustainably in many sectors: namely for the packaging of chemicals, oils, ores, catalysts, paints, inks, food, waste, etc.

We will be happy to help you optimize the packaging according to your wishes and needs with advice on interior coatings, UN-certificates, possibilities for screening of name and/or logo, etc. Contact us for packaging advice.