A range of logistics solutions to help you optimize the purchase and use of your "recon" packaging.

Hire of trailers or swap bodies for storage

The solution if you want to gradually unload the delivered recon drums on the moment you want to use them. This allows to store the packaging inside, in a dry environment. Ideal if you do not have the needed covered space yourself. We offer the possibility to rent one or more trailers or swap bodies. Contact us for more info.

Delivery on pallets

DRUMDRUM is specialized in supplying recon drums on pallets. We have automatic palletization and were first with our specially conceived trailers for 3 high delivery of recon drums on pallets. More than 60% of our recon drums are delivered on pallets.

Drums are stacked on the pallet as desired (e.g. all plugs to the middle for easy filling). We can wrap the drums with stretch foil or tie them together with a strap band. The drums can be stacked as desired (3 x 4 drums or 8 + 4 drums per tower). A plastic top sheet can be applied on the drums to protect them.

Tailor-made palletized delivery is the solution if you choose not to unload the drums manually, but by means of a forklift truck. Or if you want to fill the drums pallettized in advance to simplify your internal logistics. This allows you to focus on your core activities.

Putting liners in open top drums

We can deliver with the liner of your choice, following your instructions placed in the drums. This is also possible in UN-version.

Packaging advice

We gladly advise you to optimize the packaging to your wishes and needs. Contact us for packaging advise.