We can help you by collecting your packaging in the most efficient way.

Hire of trailers or swap bodies for storage

The solution if you want to gradually load the emptied packaging on the trailer or swap bodies. This according to the pace in which they are emptied. This allows to store the packaging inside, in a dry environment. Ideal if you do not have the needed covered space yourself. We offer the possibility to rent one or more trailers or swap bodies. Contact us for more info.

Collection on pallets

DRUMDRUM is specialized in collecting emptied packaging on pallets. We have our own specially designed trailers for loading steel drums on pallets 3 high. We accept a wide variety of pallet types. Over 50% of our collected drums are on pallets.

Customized palletized collection is the solution if you do not want to load the drums manually but by fork lift truck.

Load security

Our trailers and swap bodies were tested and certified for load security. We would be happy to provide more information on this topic.

Collection advise

We gladly advise on optimizing the collection of your packaging according to your wishes and needs. Contact us for our collection advise.